Strong city in the village of a tender. Love, paste the heart, not Lin daiyu, not because of sadness and amorous feelings.


Friend, can have one or two have been very good, really don't need to too much. The joy of friends, in that a steadfast trust.


Courage is not without despair, on the contrary, it is a kind of in spite of despair, but can still struggling to move forward.


Just because too young, so all the sadness and happiness appear so deep, gently touched is astounding.


Let yourself busy, busy to no time to think about unimportant things, a lot of things so quietly forgotten.


Thanks to those who do not want to love me, I can't love me, don't want to love me the person, is you taught me, how to love yourself.


If one day, my dear you want to leave, I will believe it is destiny, but not you already did not love me.


The deepest hurt in the world, not to betray not don't like it, but extreme love after gradually indifferent.


Not inviting pity, do not call, I also don't cry, golden leaves me with heart, I have not young youth.


Sad, life is not lost too much yesterday, but immersed in yesterday's sadness, forget the way forward.


Mature, can not you use a lot of truth to enlighten others, but you can convince yourself to understand the people and things around you.


Every morning in remind yourself: "live in the moment, don't miss the past or for the future wasted life today.


Don't treat of the person you like, doesn't mean you hypocritical, and means that your heart mature enough to accommodate these don't like.


Love you more than I want to know a person not see his usual on how good you are, but how to you when you quarrel with him.


Perhaps, only one bed quilt warm night and a good dream, can comfort have too many unpleasant us every day.


The most happy thing: perfect parents, friends, two or three, stealing don't walk lover, everything else is illusion, don't too dispute.


No person dislike love, but everyone is tired of waiting, guessing, apologize and injuries, and unable to meet the commitment.


The so-called a lasting relationship, it's no secret. Only in love, save point moved, in the cold war, understand some gratitude.


Tears or down full all winter, looking at what your smiling face. Turn after, can't find the lost his promise.


Those engraved on the back love can like the flower of the concrete, on the end of time, there was no wind of the forest.


Don't excuse for tired, nothing is the reason why spell; Don't be to hard to find, no bitterness of bitter, what sweet sweet.


We like on the surface of the needle, keep turning, a turn, one side looking at time to hurry away, he could do nothing.


The balcony is a relaxing corner, a book, a cup of tea, so quietly sitting on the balcony watching the wind cloud falls.


Some worry, lost, just have the chance to light. Don't complain about life, try to think of the solution.


Don't stay up, you can say to yourself "I am very tired", but never in heart admitted that say "I can't"!


A woman is a sign of maturity, is to learn to cruel, learn to independence, learn to smile, learn to discard not worthy of affection.


Rock because the firm faith, fueled the beautiful waves; Because the pursuit of lofty, youth is extraordinarily gorgeous.


Tolerance lubrication, the relationship between each other, to eliminate barriers to each other, clearing the each other's scruples, enhance the understanding of each other.


A lot of can't forget the things we think of a lifetime, as we never forget the day, forgotten by us.


Remember, can cry, can hate, but can't be strong. Because there is a group of people waiting to see your jokes.


What others say, I don't mind. Tried to, to be together. Don't ask me love not love you, love long see the heart.


From now on, don't indulge fantasy, not much ado about nothing, live your life, your work, do a person close to the happiness.


Women's goal should be, let the old man regret, let men sweating now, let the future man rare.


Each section of the road is a kind of understanding, every relationship is a kind of experience, don't be afraid of the road is rough, don't be afraid of feelings hurt.


The reason why you confused often only one, that is the age, in should have been desperately trying to think too much, doing too little.


Opportunities for themselves, to grasp the fate, life is your own staff, deterrence are not playing it for yourself?


If one day you found that I don't care about you, would you please think about it when I have you ever care about I care about you.


Know I think I am very quiet, understand my people think I am crazy, only understand my talent know in fact I am very sad.


The man who ever really loves you will never leave you. He longitudinal have hundreds of a reason to give up, but also will always find a reason to stick to it.


People in the best of times, always make some delusion, some silly. Which a Duan Qingchun not absurd, which a love does not hurt.


Face is the person the most magical part of the body, and in some people, but can xiaoke thick to thin, even can live without.


There is a love called, there is a reason is called regret, there is a kind of feelings can't use equivalent to measure, that is missing!


Best friend, teasing each other at ordinary times, is the most malicious the mouth, when you need, is the one in the heart the most soft.


Full of life, is to forgive, tolerance, waiting for and love, if not all of this, all you have, is nothing.


How long can pluck a disc flowers beautiful? How long can a temporary indulging and happy? Aspirants to the goal of life pursuit.


When you truly love something you will find how fragile and weak language. Words and feelings will always be barriers.


Don't like just don't pretend, don't reluctantly, without appropriate life has not been easy, then why should hard himself again.


I understand a lot of things, understand a lot of truth, understand a lot of comfort, I understand, but, understand what.


The season of melancholy! Could you leave me, I'll live happy, not let me once again lost in the sea of blue.


What a lot of problems from not enough cruel, all want to care about other people's feelings, you always care about others, that who will take care of you.


Looking at what your smiling face, my tears still fall is full of the whole winter, turn round after, can't find the lost promise.


Love is the most beautiful things in the world, even if it hurt your heart, also want to forget with a smile, and then start a journey.


At first didn't thought there are often the result of love, then, has become the most serious in your life, the most profound.


Only wait for things, people will know miss; Always in our most don't understand, miss most things really.


We have put most of his feelings on the friendship and love, but in the end, often can make you touched only affection.


One day I will silently walk away from you, without any sound, I missed a lot, I always one sad.


If you have a bad day today, don't worry about it. We all have a reset button is called tomorrow, everything can start all over again.


To grow old, looking for a small town, quiet live, in the morning to see the sun in the corner, on a crutch to knock the sunset in the evening.


Do women "best young poor"; "Not too old to do men ugly". Women understand together, men understand gratitude, to for a long time.


Life is not me, death does not me, only I live is; Living not bring, naked, should cherish now have.


Close your eyes, clear your heart, the past let bygones be bygones, use of willing attitude, a happy-go-lucky life.


People often misunderstand their so that their nostalgic, think oneself long, in fact just now had a bad.


Most of the time, you know that some after the event, the surface pack doesn't matter, use the smile to conceal, in fact heart ratio what all hurts.


For others, have no more expectation. At the moment, just want to live a simple quiet, no one can hurt my life again.


Are you wearing a purple robe, distance, really like a small butterfly flew over, already beautiful fit, color soft again.


My tears stay, irrigation the following soft grass, do not know the coming year, will leave a memory and sorrow.


Happiness is, insisted should adhere to, give up should give up, cherish now have, don't regret it has decided to.


Your seeds form of form, so their robes, curved eyebrows, pair of so long; A pair of watery eyes, so bright!


Everyone is a king, in his own world domineer over, you don't listen to me, but you also don't let me listen to you.


I know to look back, those tears wanted to ridiculous; But don't know to look back, those laughter can also call me to tears.


Always can't help sadness, then slowly learned to hide. Because people don't want to be again stabbed, so gradually learned to disguise.